About the act

The object of the act concerns the financing of actions with the aim of protecting and preserving the biodiversity of the area of responsibility of the former Prespa National Park Management Body and the current Management Unit of Prespa National Park and Protected Areas Management Unit of Western Macedonia.

The act consists of management actions regarding the protection and preservation of the biodiversity of the protected area.  Some of the actions that are implemented in the framework of the project involve actions for the reduction of fire risk (purchase of relevant equipment), management of the Lake Mikri Prespa which includes cutting of vegetation around the lake, purchase of weather stations and drone, monitoring of alien aquatic macrophyte species in the lakes Mikri and Megali Prespa, production of an action plan for the promotion and sustainability of the riparian forest Betula pendula of lake Megali Prespa, research for fungal species in Prespa National Park, research for the genetic biodiversity for Abies sp. in Prespa National Park.

Budget: approx. 1mil. Euros